CVC4 Mac OS installer packages

These are stable Mac OS installer packages for CVC4.

To use these, simply download and install the appropriate package file. They should work on Mac OS X Lion and newer (and perhaps older also).

Installation is in /opt/local.

Installers for development versions since the last stable release are kept here.
For MacPorts instructions on installing CVC4, see here.

Thank you for using CVC4!

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[   ]cvc4-1.4+debug.MacOs85.MountainLion.mpkg19-Jan-2017 02:34 39M 
[   ]cvc4-1.4.MacOs85.MountainLion.mpkg19-Jan-2017 01:49 19M 
[   ]cvc4-1.4_0.MacOs9.Mavericks.mpkg06-Oct-2014 12:30 16M 
[   ]cvc4-1.4_0.MacOs85.MountainLion.mpkg06-Oct-2014 12:34 19M 
[   ]cvc4-1.4_2+debug.MacOs9.Mavericks.mpkg05-Aug-2014 10:30 40M 
[   ]cvc4-1.4_2+debug.MacOs85.MountainLion.mpkg30-Aug-2014 02:14 39M 
[TXT]header.html09-Apr-2013 15:52 945  
[DIR]obsolete/06-Oct-2014 12:40 -  
[DIR]ports/02-Sep-2014 14:44 -  
[DIR]unstable/30-Apr-2017 01:03 -