SMT-LIB Compliance

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CVC4 is mostly SMT-LIB-conforming with --lang smt. With the --smtlib-strict command line option, though, you get additional strictness and standards conformance.

There are areas where we don't support full functionality, or where we are not compliant:

  • We do not yet adequately support nonlinear-arithmetic (the QF_NIA, QF_NRA, QF_UFNRA, UFNRA, and AUFNIRA logics)
  • We do not yet support all the features of the recent (September 2014) draft of SMT-LIB 2.5

Also, please note that CVC4 is not intended as a compliance-checker for SMT-LIB input. That is, it is a bit lenient in accepting non-conforming input.